Monday, 4 July 2011

Baby you're a Firework...

Giddy-up vintage fans, for today is the fourth of July! In celebration of our overseas brothers-from-other-mothers, we've been out and about papping the best bits of Americana to make your heart go boom.

Everyone knows that Navajo is a big trend this season but boy howdy, talk about wearing it on your chest. With Native American and Aztec prints, it really doesn't matter how you wear it as long as you wear it with pride. Dress it down, dress it up [we'll call you 'Dances with Mulberrys'] and wig wam bam, you're onto a winner.

More American than a Whitehouse wrapped in a hamburger, you can't get more American than denim [interesting fact: denim is originally French in origin, created in Nimes, or de Nimes as it was abbreviated to. Everyday's a school day!] Boot-cut, stone-washed, skinny or flared, we can't help but love a Levi. All-weather and effortlessly chic, chinos eat your heart out!

We could wax lyrical all the livelong day about tassels, totems and all things 'outremer' but we've got work to do [and things to blow up.] We leave you with this rather peculiar vintage postcard hailing from the States. Fiery, cute and a little inappropriate [British Health and Safety staff would have a hernia!] - God Bless the USA!


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