Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Purple reign, Purple reign...

Cyclical in nature, fashion has a habit of bringing things back into the limelight - sheer skirts, bell-bottoms, big hats - there are trends that orbit into our wardrobes every ten seasons or so [often eclipsing our fashion sense in the process] That said, there are some items that refuse to spirograph in and out of our lives, some icons that will never be anything but 'du jour.' In this vintage industry that we call home, nothng is more alluring than staying-power and today we give you the poster boy of staying-put - Prince!

Headlining Hop Farm last Sunday, the media is abuzz with stories of the artist more limber than an early Shakira video. His rapport with fashion and popular culture as poignant as ever [white jumpsuit - hello Michael Kors A/W 11] it's hard to believe that he's 53. The reliability and eccentricity of an LBD meets a 'Raspberry Beret,' Prince, like our vintage, gets better with age.

In other slightly tenuous fashion-meets-fame news, guess who we spotted at our Cumbria vintage fair...

Perplexed and pointing his finger at the goodies waiting on the rails, it was safe to say this this gent [be he Bono or wanna-Bono] "still hadn't found what he was looking for." Luckily, the vintage fair team were on hand to help, admiring his use of the Judy's colours in the meantime. His belt reads 'Rockstar' and those hips don't lie.

Ciao for now



  1. I have adored his Purpleness since childhood, he is ever an amazing entertainer, hope I look half as good at 53!
    Kandi x

  2. Did you do the vintage tent at Hop Farm? It was amazing! I got a couple of pieces that Prince himself would have been proud of. And of course, he was amazing too! x