Thursday, 14 July 2011

Life is a cabaret, old chum

It goes without saying that buses are rarely glamorous; [sometime] surly drivers in hats, finding the right change, Jason Derulo blurted out of a mobile phone - a double-decker disaster, waiting to happen.

That said, those rascals at Proud Caberet have gone and turned suburban travel on its head with their latest teaser [and teaser is the word] Fresh off the buses, international glamourpuss Miss Betsy Rose is in town, making public transport the most sultry it's ever been...

As Betsy ditty-bops all over the capital [with complete disregard for the Highway Code - don't try this at home kids] you can see clearly why Proud is so dear to us; fun, seductive, indulgent yet chic, it encapsulates everything that vintage is supposed to be; the glamour of a bygone area, the stories of a fallen republic, drama, mystery, intrigue [and giggles] - it's a mission we both hold dear.

As time ticks on, we're delighted to announce Proud's presence at our Spitalfields, Bethnal Green and Brighton events [rsvp kids!] If a spot of pseudo-time-travel is right up your alley then pencil us in and let's party like it's 1929.

Can-canning out,


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  1. Wow, beautiful! I gasped aloud when the first picture popped up! Gorgeous! xx