Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lovebox 2011: Singing in the Rain

There's something quite primeval about festival season; the backseat of personal hygiene, the secret lust to run out of battery [being incommunicado for a week - take that, reality!] setting up tents and leopard-print dresses all conjure an image that's a little more Fred and Wilma than Mr. modernity.

Luckilly [peraps] we had none of that this weekend as we curated Lovebox, set in the heart of Victoria Park. Not a poorly-pitched teepee in sight, Lovebox does not permit camping, forcing us to head back to society each night for some shut-eye.

Setting-up shop by Thursday, our traders looked wonderful; candy-striped roofs shone like toothpaste in the sun with a sea of glasses, prints and fabrics spilling out underneath. With the public coming in on a sunny London Friday, we were set to go.

Alas, as the poet and potential-weather-man Robert Frost [see, it's in the name] once wrote, 'nothing gold can stay;' giving the Great Flood a run for it's money, London got wet. Luckily, we took a few snaps in the sun before the clouds came home...

Seizing a moment of sun, none other than Jade Jagger came for a wander of the marketplace, leaving with a pair of vintage sunnies [and a quick pose]

Our first festival of the season [we'll be at 6 others over summer - click here for deets!] we came to a rather British conclusion; sometimes you've just got to muck in [instead of being a stick in the mud] Come [biblical] showers or shine, our parade remains unrained upon.

See you [quite literally] in the field!


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