Friday, 23 September 2011

And the nominees are...

Sometimes taking the news with breakfast can be a dangerous thing; coffee scolds, burning toast and Cheerios propelled from the mouth, into the bowl below.

Yesterday was one such morning. Over a pre-PM peruse of our messages and news,we discovered this: we've been nominated for a Cosmo!

Yes, the above big, pink button of joy signifies that we're up for a Blog Award! Nominated in the category of 'Best Brand Blog' [up against Russel and Jo - what? that's a good joke!] safe to say, it was brekky to remember.

Now here come the pleading, encouraging, get-down-on-your-knees-ing part: readers, we need YOU! If you enjoy our style news, our views, our overuse of puns - please, click here [or on the Cosmo balloon above] and vote for us for Best Brand Blog. We may not be the biggest [sharing a category with Topshop - hello fear/reverence!] but we want to show that the underdog's got B-I-T-E! Out with the identikit and in with vintage - you know what to do!

Now, to return this soapbox to whence it came and leave you all in peace.

Adieu vintage fans - here's to making dreams come true.


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