Thursday, 8 September 2011

Leeds: Shaking it up like a Bombay Mix

To say that we're supposed to take inspiration from seasoning this season [one imagines the conversations now - 'excuse me mr. vintage trader, do these blouses come in masala? I wanted to wear it with a saffron jean but i'm worried it might 'tikka' it too far....'] then Leeds was one 'spicy meat-a-ball. [excuse the slightly stereotypical Italian accent here - it's the seasoning,it's gone too our heads]
Whether you're into it or not, our Leeds Corn Exchange shoppers were shaking it up like a Bombay mix. Take a look below....

Prints, brights,gothic chic - a smorgasbord of choice on offer when considering your winter looks [all of which can be found at our fairs in london and brighton this weekend] Whatever your angle, the days of a demure cold season are a terra-gonner.


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