Friday, 30 September 2011

Youth been Framed

Well, that's it folks. Fresher's Week is almost over. As the sun sets on seven days of networking, BFF-ing and cradling your liver [not for us of course - one G&T in fair season and we're red-faced and ready for bed] it's left us with our thinking caps on. Doth our lenses deceive us or are freshers getting more hip?

Simple answer: yes. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding; Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle fairs saw trends in abundance - heritage, navajo, and more girls-dressed-like-boys than Blur could ever have dreamed of. To take an aerial view of each event would be a who's-who of cool; guys in Vans and gals in Docs, peacocking, completely comfortable in these vintage waters.

Now, we're not saying that students have been lackluster before this- heck, students are some of the snappiest, most adventurous dressers we have. Perhaps we're so abashed by these Dazed-worthy candidates because we [way back in....shudder....2006] were less so. Coming to the city in the middle of 'New Rave,' we were more day-glo overkill than the definition of chic [note to self: legs the colour of lightening is never a good look, no matter your love of the Klaxons.]

And so faux-pas are down; history isn't repeating itself [although the colour-block trend was enough to leave this blogger reaching for the face-paint..] As the Navajo-trio below seem to show, all's cool on campus. We can't wait to see what's next.

This weekend, we'll be visiting Lincoln, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham. Make sure to say hello!


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