Monday, 19 September 2011


Fashion week[s]. We don't know how the 'frowers do it. Bundled on planes from one runway to another - we'd be a little more DVT than DVF if lifted into their Louboutins.

Added to Fashion Week, it's Fresher's week, signalling the launch of our Autumn circuit ['hooray!' you may gasp. We'll raise you a 'hooray' and give you an 'ohmylordijustcannotWAIT!'] Calling at a whopping 30 cities from Scotland to the South coast, safe to say there's a lot on our plates. Penciling in an enamouring, we'll come back to fashion throughout the week, as we take to the streets to meet our public [Sheffield, Leeds, Lincoln & Liverpool - watch this space!]

But before we jet-off, we wanted to talk to you about a micro-trend we've spotted that goes beyond the wardrobe, one that we're calling 'land-line's got talent.'

From burgandy to burger [we've all seen Juno - hello McPhone!] the land-line is back, with shoppers literally hanging off them at The Vintage Furniture Flea. Doing a little research, we found this wonderful film blog, ilovehotdogs, for anyone wanting a little inspiration when choosing the right retro communicative device. 

Stay tuned this week as we foray back into fashion [who are we kidding - between Judy gallivanting with Matthew Williamson and our intermittent googling of Burberry, fashion never took a backseat] and join us as we head into full-on FAIR SEASON!

Ciao for now,



  1. Those telephones are beauts...look at all those colours!

    Emily x

  2. They're stunners aren't they Emily! I'd feel like my day-to-day calls aren't worthy of such handsets though - maybe if Boris Johnson or Helen Mirren was on the phone. Special occasions only! x